For all of you spending your summer up north

Author: Howard Fox Artist |

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My fondest memories of Canada usually involve a dock, a black lake murmuring in the dark, and a big night sky soaked in bright white stars.

As if Elohim had spilled the shining orbs out onto the floor of creation, they take shape and bring a sense of perspective to the night sky.

If one is lucky then late summer early autumn brings a shimmering green, yellow and hues of red to the northern horizon.

As if the arctic ice is reflecting the rays of the sun, which it is not, the sky fills with what appears to be a mass of light, dancers in a line, reaching like moving fingers, stretching toward the heavens.

A shooting star hurdles across the firmament , I make a wish and it is gone.

Hotel Utopia sits not far from the island shore.

Those same black waters, that flow below me, act as a surface for the delight of the hotel's reflection.