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Modern, Figurative, and Contemporary Art

Howard Fox Artist Statement

I imagine myself the Gardner in the Garden of Eden, tossing seeds in all directions and awaiting the spring. Painting is what I have always done. For as long as I can remember I have been armed with pencil, crayons and all sorts of paints, applying line and color to paper, carton, canvas and clothes, it is just what I do.

The freedom to think, to imagine, to create worlds along with the option of being bizarre and opinionated made being an artist so attractive. I could take my rather noir sense of humor and weave a story, appearing real yet impossible.

From my childhood til today I have been fond of building cities in two dimensions. As a product of my extensive travels I have soaked up the architecture and landscapes of many an exotic and mundane land. The urban blare, ablaze in neon light, and the power of man kinds hands manifested in the accurate placing of bricks and the carving of stone to form magnificently engineered and designed buildings and interiors, have long enchanted me and spoken to my soul.

After many years of creating what I call, "works of fiction", I am now endeavoring to research and create works which deal with the question of "Utopia". What is utopia, what is it on the personal level as well as its collective aspects.

Whether our utopias be based on religious messianic models, ideological constructs, aesthetic values or simply a personal need to be living the ideal, we first have to ask what is the ideal, and is what we claim and believe, manifested in how we live our lives?

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Howard Fox Artist offers services to clients across the world. A contemporary story teller, artist, painter working with oils on canvas, as well as a musician. A Canadian by birth he now resides in Karkur, Israel where he spends his time creating works of art, which he describes as Imaginary Realism.

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“One could get the impression that Howard Fox’s work belongs to the Fantastic Art genre. That is the first impression. One could easily see that his paintings are narratives and that they are executed with an exact and figurative technique. The initial impression is that his work belongs to another time and another place.
The pictorial and narrative abundance of his work does not fit in with the current artistic norms.

But, after a prolonged and minute observation of these dense pieces of art, I can now read them as very contemporary paintings. They belong in the here and now and challenge the norms which dominate the field of art today, norms which dictate the way we conceive of what is art.

These norms decree that we should be able to grasp the painting instantly. They decree that we should prefer philosophical meanderings rather than narrative. Fox requires the viewer to observe the delicate details which populate his scenes and build a narrative himself. He demands from the viewer to suspend the formal digestion of the work and to gather himself the various details, thus gradually constructing his aesthetic impression of the colors and shapes. I venture to say that Fox’s reliance on Renaissance techniques is not a symptom of his anachronistic longings for the past, but rather a contemporary statement, positioning him as a Post-Modernist artist, more so than most of his contemporaries.” B. Ras



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