You are free to be as you are, or as you imagine yourself to be.

Our visions of perfection do not always jibe with the hopes and expectations of others. Our staff has been trained in the art of tolerance and the stifling of criticism whilst feigning the absence of judgment.

From alternative sexual practices to romantic sunset walks on the beach. We provide the settings and the toys, whilst  indulging  perversions of any kind, real and or imagined. We aim to please, and our qualified staff of psychoanalysts, academic surrealists, thieves, lock pickers and highly experienced sex workers will try to bring your dreams to reality. We also have a medical ward and a staff of highly qualified surgeons and practitioners of the healing arts. A voodoo doctor and an assortment of Shamans and witches are on call 24/7.

The Age of Reason spent much of its time creating a new ideological concept of utopia.

With the French revolution and the coming of enlightenment, philosophers deemed this age the Age of Reason. Reason was to reign supreme in the formation of our identities and societies and our place within this construct.

What we have come to realize is that reason was little more than a fascinating veneer, cheap and intoxicating, akin to lipstick on a pig or high heels on a plumber. Reason was meant to cover the illogical, when all it accomplished was the rise of passion in the guise of rationality and understanding.

Though the messianics were mocked and utopia was deemed little more than an infantile pursuit, the age of reason spent a good deal of time creating the ideological foundations for their version of Utopia.  A stage of human perfection which often calls for the shedding of blood and produces little more than bubbles in a bong.



Come enjoy or suffer at Hotel Utopia!