Hotel Utopia

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Blog by Howard Fox Artist

For the last two years I have been working on a series of works entitled "Hotel Utopia". This theme came to mind a few years ago after I suffered a heart attack and died. On my return to this reality, I began to wonder 'what is all this about'? What are we looking for? If it is happiness and meaning then where and how do we find it?

I began thinking about 'utopia' . What does it mean, is it possible and is it what we really actually want? The idea of a pastoral existence, afternoons spent next to a cool pond, river or sea, surrounded by the idyllic. Nature as it is, blue skies, shady trees, bees a- buzzing and birds a-chirping, a kind of of soft porn.

But is this what we want as we pack up our picnics and get into our cars and head back to the city. An urban utopia awaits us, filled with neon lights, restaurants, theaters, clubs, bars, cafes, art galleries, homeless people, beautiful people, famous folks as well as drunks, whores, the rich the poor and those who wander around talking to themselves or maybe with the mother ship high above.

Utopia whether it be on the micro level or the grand designs of social systems, ideologies and dreams of a messianic age, nothing seems able to produce an everlasting utopia for all. Even the act of creating a utopia will create from within itself folks who find the simple act of fighting the system their own idea of utopia.

I came to the conclusion that Utopia is at best a momentary state of being. For a few minutes or hours being out in nature may do the trick, but then the city calls, the allure of the lights, the violence and angst and the buzz in the air will pull you back, and that will be perfect for a few minutes, maybe an hour or a day if you’re lucky.

A hotel came to mind, as a metaphor as utopia as a momentary state of being. A hotel that offers you a stay for a moment, an hour, a night, a week, where the hotel staff will fulfill all your utopian needs for the time spent in the hotel. We at Hotel Utopia aim to please or displease according to your needs.

Hand Painted Original Ketubah

Hall of Hope and Fears

Since the beginning of human existence we have been aware of our fears. Whether they be of the primordial type, hawk kills mouse, tiger kills man, or the simplest of fears, a fear of darkness, monsters, death, loneliness, bumps in the night or ostracization from the group.

What makes the being interesting is that we often seek out our fears, either to dwell in the pain and confusion, or to conquer them through acts of danger and treachery, and often times to do no more than titillate our senses and thoughts.

At Hotel Utopia, we offer up a bit of heaven and a taste of hell in our world renowned “Hall of Hope and Fears”, because without hope fear would be overwhelming and paralyzing. Our staff of trained and untrained amateurs and professionals , shamans, medicine men and women , witches, rabbis, monks, prophets and psychologists will help you experience your fears and then do what you what with them.

Come alone or book a space in our group workshops we offer up both a gluten free snack and a array of bubble waters.